Unit 1 Section A

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1. What’s the matter (with you)? 怎么了?出什么事了?What’s the trouble/ the problem / wrong with sb./ sth.?2. I had a cold.我感冒了。have a cold=catch a cold=have the flu感冒 have a fever发烧 have a cough咳嗽 have a stomachache胃疼,肚子疼 have a toothache牙疼 have a headache头疼

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Unit 1 What's the matter?同步语法

一、基础知识1. What’ s the matter? 怎么啦?出什么事情了?【解析】matter/ ' mætə(r)) /n.问题;事情 What’ s the matter with you? = What’s the trouble with you? = What’ s wrong with you? 你怎么了?


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